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Cyber Circuit Falls
Crafted from highest quality foam rubber and paint treated by precision art techniques we are proud to offer you our 'Circuit Board' design falls.

These are a winner with both Male and Female customers alike and are perfect hair for those with a taste for industrial or steam punk self styling.

Measuring around 15-22 inches in length they are mounted on a stretch elastic ribbon, easy and safe to tie around dreads or buns of natural hair *we include full wearing instructions with every pair of falls purchased so you can benefit from our years of practice !*

These wonderful futuristic falls also contain acid mesh rubber,complementing fine plastic tubing to match the colour scheme of the falls and tons of delicious cyberlox tubes.

As always I am more than happy to help you create your own style , so email me if you would like this design to incorporate your own colour-scheme and complete that perfect outfit!

You can view the full colour range of materials HERE then all you have to do is email me on custom@missneedles.com and you can have the perfect hair pieces to suit your every need!

You can see this design being modelled by some of our wonderful models HERE in the customer gallery.

Don't forget to send us your pictures of you in your MissNeedles hair pieces and get yourself up in the gallery too!

Black & Silver Circuit Board FallsPair of falls 45.00
Black & Silver Circuit Board FallsSingle Fall28.00
Blue Mix Circuit board fallsPair of falls45.00
Blue Mix Circuit board fallsSingle Fall28.00
Pink Mix Circuit board fallsPair of falls 45.00
Purple Mix Circuit Board FallSingle Fall28.00
Purple Mix Circuit Board FallsPair of falls 45.00
Red Mix Circuit board fallsPair of falls45.00
Red Mix Circuit board fallsSingle Fall28.00