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*Kanzashi Flowers
*Hair ties, Bobbles and Scrunchies!
*Paint Effects Falls
*Futuristic Industrial Falls
*3D Layer Icon Falls
*Pin Up Hair Accessories
*Synthetic Dreads
*Links page!
*Colour Charts
*Loose hair falls, Massive bushy falls or sleek curls
*Dread Accessories
*Extension Fixings
*Hats & Crowns
*Pull on Hair Pieces & Wigs
*Hair Bands
*Hair clips
*Hair Sticks
*Vintage & Unusual Finds
*Bridal Collection
*Eye Patches
*Hair clamps
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Vixen Falls
Our famous full volume super charged hair falls are finally back!
£25.00 - Buy Now
Newest items...
  • Vixen Falls
  • Tropical Orchid corsage hair clip
  • Exclusive MissNeedles Wool Dreadlocks wig!
  • Romantic rose velvet hair clip
  • Super spike hair clamps

  • Spikes!
    Spiked and jewlled crowns, wild spiked hair ties, delicious crystal encrusted flower clips and much more!
    Kanzashi Flowers
    Traditional Geisha inspired oriental flowers, made up in futuristic materials!

    Choose from Clips,Ties,Hair bands and more designs to create your own Cyber Geisha style!

    Hair ties, Bobbles and Scrunchies!
    Cute quirky and crazy hair ties to really give your hair some flare!
    Where a lot of prototypes and one off items get listed.
    Paint Effects Falls
    Customised paint treated falls , a whole new world of unique designs! Choose from:

    Circuit board, Cyber Stripe, Leopard Print, Syringe print

    more designs coming soon!

    Futuristic Industrial Falls
    Industrial style unisex hair pieces.Choose from: Android Falls,

    Industrial Droid Falls.

    More designs coming soon!!

    3D Layer Icon Falls
    Fabulous futuristic falls with multi layer foam details

    Many designs available including :

    Valentine, Stars, Bats, Medical Cross, Dragonflies, Crystal Flowers, Military Chevrons and more!

    Pin Up Hair Accessories
    Fantastic hair adornments with a rockabilly, retro or pin up influence!

    Bows, Skulls, Polkadots and more!

    Synthetic Dreads
    Hand made dread falls,

    Silky Dread falls

    Single ended Dread Kits,

    Double ended Dread Kits

    Links page!
    MissNeedles favorite links recomended for you to go see!
    Colour Charts
    A collection of colour charts for all the materials used in Miss Needles falls to help you get your order colours just right!
    Steampunk style jewellery, gentlemen's stick pins, hair clips & pieces, Spectacles, Goggles and much more!
    Loose hair falls, Massive bushy falls or sleek curls
    Sculpted silky hair pieces. Choose from punky hair ties, Lolita ringlets, straight silky hair falls and more!
    Dread Accessories
    Unique clips,Hair beads,Dread Cuffs and more in this selection of wonders for your dreads,falls and natural hair!
    Extension Fixings
    Everything you need to fix your falls in place perfectly.
    Hair ties, Bun rings, Hair pins and more...
    Hats & Crowns
    Miniature top hats and ladies riding hats, Crowns , Witch hats and military style.Fabulous to add a little extra to your stunning hair!
    Pull on Hair Pieces & Wigs
    Incredible pieces designed for the short haired, shaved or bald alternatives out there!
    Hair Bands
    Stunningly adorned easy to wear alice style hair bands with a beautiful choice of styles to suit your personal taste!
    Follow us on Instagram and stay updated on behind the scenes stuff.
    Hair clips
    Our vast selection of hair clips to choose from, cyber, trad, retro, flowers, bows and so much more!
    Hair Sticks
    Hair Sticks make a bold and special statement!

    Choose from:

    Tribal natural style, Geisha oriental flowers, Medical syringe design

    More choices coming soon!

    Vintage & Unusual Finds
    A selection of vintage pieces and one off finds that really appeal to us and we want to share with you.

    Expect, bags, cases, collectables, boots, jewellery, hats, curios and more!

    Bridal Collection
    A selection of pieces made to your own specifications to complement that special outfit for your big day.
    Eye Patches
    From masquerade beaded decadence through candy striped dandy pirates to medical fetish , this is quite the growing collection!
    Hair clamps
    A selection of hair pieces mounted on clamps not ties!
    Facebook Page
    Come and have a look and see what we are up to over in the studio with our daily blog!

    Get updates about new goodies and breaking news!